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Dr. Carlos Rivera 


 Dear friends,

This is Dr. Carlos Rivera.

FIRST: Family Court is currently plagued with inefficiencies that allow an unacceptable level of egregious injustice. We currently accept and tolerate a system where financial gain prevails over common sense. We need to mobilize for a change!!!

SECONDLY: Parents and grandparents have rights. No one parent should have the power to monopolize control over the other parents wishes and attempts to see their own children. Children should NEVER be manipulated as a tool for vengeance!!!

I have dedicated my life to the families I have been blessed to serve and the children that have been entrusted to me.

I ask for your help to rise and have a unified voice that cannot be ignored!

Please spread the word of the injustices we refuse to tolerate in silence. Through active participation in the protest, letters, social media or notification of print and news media we can make a change for all!!

A major change is needed to our family courts system! 

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